Lim Zhi Wei [Artista Pástica Malaísia]

A artista Malaísia Lim Zhi Wei, que vive em Cingapura, criou uma série de retratos nos quais mistura aquarelas a pétalas de flores, criando uma composição delicada e elegante. A série retrata graciosas formas femininas com vestidos feitos de camadas de orquídeas, rosas, hortênsias, cravos e crisântemos. O trabalho da artista pode ser visto no site 

A ideia começou quando Lim quis presentear a avó com uma arte dessas, feita com pétalas de rosa. O resultado fez com que a artista criasse uma série de desenhos e, agora, fizesse sucesso na internet.

Lim Zhi Wei, who goes by the nickname Limzy, is a Malaysian artist based in Singapore. Born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, she moved to study in Singapore at the age of 16. She was a fine art diploma graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore (NAFA) of year 2011, majoring in Western Painting. She was a recipient of the NAFA Full Scholarship during her studies in the college. 

She started #instaartmovement on Instagram when she was still an art teacher after graduation. Everyday after work, there is not much time, energy and light left for her to paint big paintings, so she started to portray her subjects using various little things found in her room and daily life. It was fun, simple, un-overanalysed and just so right. From food to flowers, pencils to cotton, stamps to thread, you name it.

Limzy's works are curated on Instagram herself as she treats it as a gallery of its own and a place that conveys happiness through art for everyone to enjoy. It is indeed life changing. Her works have been featured by both local and overseas media including Instagram homepage, Mayhem Magazine Australia, Elements Magazine Malaysia, Push Culture and Uncertain Magazine Singapore. 

For year 2014, Limzy will be expanding her series of Flowergirls. Her artworks are currently represented by Art Xchange Gallery Singapore. 

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Lim Zhi Wei
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